Driving Customer Loyalty

Driving Customer Loyalty

It should not come as a surprise that for many brands, the individual trust levels are low.

In recent years, there have been numerous examples of consumers being misled by brands in sectors like food, beauty, automotive, and the technology sector. Before the internet age, brands could get away with these sorts of things quickly, but now—luckily for customers—it’s not as easy. Therefore, customer loyalty is a high commodity in the new era of commerce.

Brand Identity

Utilizing new strategies that allow brands to become houses of culture rather than simply being a location for commodities will show consumers that the brand cares about identity. Having a strong brand identity allows consumers to relate to the brand.

Price Driven

In a recent report, the rare consultancy put the focus back on customer emotions and explored the drivers of true customer loyalty. There were several key findings: Loyalty isn’t functional. While general purchases are driven by price (81%), quality (80%), and convenience (55%), loyalty is about likeability (86%) and trust (83%). As a result, in 2019 top marketers will very strong focus on emotional and authentic messages (e.g., via Influencer Marketing) to drive customer engagement (versus customer recruiting) and to try making them more loyal.


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