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Furniture Rendering: the Benefits

Furniture companies have incorporated 3D CGI renderings of their products into their marketing to an increasing degree over the past decade.

The images produced were once clearly renders, yet now they are photo-real through refinement of the modelling process, improvement of the software, and the skill of the studio teams creating the images. What began as retouching images became offsetting photo shoots with several renders, and today we see entire catalogs and e-com for major brands done entirely through renders. And the applications go farther than ever before. What has driven this movement, and why should your company engage with a studio with this capability?

1. Cost-Efficient

Computer-generated images eliminate from the budget the cost of locations, staging the set, lighting, a seasoned photographer, craft services, equipment rental, and incidentals—multiplied by the number of days it costs to cover a season of collections. CGI work is performed remotely by a team requiring little more than a suite of images or specs of the principal products.


2. Speed to Market

Scheduling a photoshoot requires locking down dates for the production team and location, not to mention the brand manager and necessary team. Often you’re in limbo waiting to finalize dates based upon when you can receive the furniture being completed in time for the shoot. Rendering images saves you the ultimate commodity: time. Building visuals can begin upon receiving product specs or images, and the turnaround time to provide finished images is as little as three to four days. So you can launch your new products even before the inventory has been manufactured.


3. Easy Customization

Too many times products are shot paired with the wrong side table or pillows. If you’ve gone the photography route, you have to re-shoot. With 3D renders, you simply send in your changes. The correct side table appears. The pillows change out. And if the product changes, and you suddenly need to show it in a series of new colors or finishes or fabric textures—done.


4. Brand Consistency

With renders, you can seamlessly keep your entire product catalog consistent in image quality and environment. So your best-selling collections that carry over through the years stay in step with your newest products.


5. 360 Product Views

The time required to shoot every conceivable angle of a product would be cost prohibitive. But with 3D CGI you can show customers all sides of your products through interactive e-commerce, giving them certainty in how their purchases will look.


6. Scalable to Budget

3D CGI renderings offer solutions for any size company, whether by focusing on a select number of images that become the hero shots for a season or campaign, or by dialing up or down the degree of photorealism.


7. Design Flexibility

Furnishing advertising and marketing designers with the unlimited angles and perspectives provided by 3D CGI allows them to tailor creative executions to showcase the furniture at its best per any media. Any size digital banner or catalog application, for instance, can be accommodated, allowing creative teams to compose the best possible creative layouts.