how to build a billion dollar beauty brand

Are You a Billion-Dollar Beauty Brand?

We are in an exciting time for start-up companies. The possibility of becoming a billion-dollar beauty brand overnight is, unusually, real.
What’s more, this trend is not slowing down any time soon. With the ever-growing power of social media (the following, the branding, and the messaging) we are going to see new and powerful brands arise from different parts of social and mainstream media in the coming year. One questions that we have is “How are these brands making it to billion-dollar ranking? What is the secret ingredient? And How do we create the next billion-dollar beauty brand?” Many factors go into becoming the next billion-dollar beauty brand. If you have all of them, then you may be on your way to reaching billion-dollar beauty brand status.

Billion Dollar Beauty Brand

Reach the Masses

One ingredient that we have found is that a person’s social following needs to be significant, and you need to reach them through strategic messaging. A new beauty brand did a phenomenal job of reaching their audience by making their beauty products specifically for the everyday person. These products are affordable, high quality, and come with messaging that includes a “no make-up, make-up” slogan. The ordinary person can use the product without the typical association make-up has of hiding imperfections. The brand has taken the position of accentuating a person’s flaws rather than hiding behind them with an expensive primer. This branding has led to a billion-dollar valuation status due to the purchasing power of everyday consumers.

Influence Is In, Star Power Is Out

Another ingredient to the billion-dollar valuation is the influence. There was a time, not too long ago, when a beauty brand could be co-sponsored by a high-profile celebrity and have immense success. The clout the fame brought to the table would be enough for the brand to succeed on its laurels. Paris Hilton achieved success with her hugely successful line of perfumes. However, we have turned a corner where influence is higher than star power. Beauty influencers who reside on their YouTube channels and Instagram feeds are continually reviewing products. This knowledge of good or bad products creates trust by their following that the influencer knows the right beauty products and would never recommend less than fantastic merchandise. An influencer could review products for years, give her two-cents on the quality and effectiveness of the product. Her everyday use of make-up and career-defining social feed can prove to her followers that she is an authority on beauty products. Once she drops a make-up line, boom, the dollars come flooding in, and her valuation reaches over one billion dollars. The trust in influence is more significant than a talented name as this has been proven to work by a number of YouTube and Instagram beauty influencers.


A key ingredient to the billion-dollar beauty brand is democratization. Your products need to target everyday consumers. Although high-income consumers generate a large percentage of all money spent on retail goods, the highest volume of purchasing is done by the general audience within the middle-income range. Everyone must have access to your beauty line’s products. Expensive luxury brands become billion-dollar names after they have curated historical value. Utilizing the luxury marketing strategy could be beneficial five or ten years down the road, but it most likely won’t find you billion-dollar success any time soon.