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The Resurgence of Jordache Goes Beyond Nostalgia

You have surely noticed the resurgence of attention to brands whose peak most people thought was decades past. Everything from old-school Nintendo games to Kodak cameras is gaining interest as the best of the 80s and 90s becomes new again. One may easily write this off as nostalgia, except the money being made is quite real. And one question begs answering: Why these brands? Why Champion? Why Dr. Martens? Why Jordache? When there are certainly plenty of other competitors in the same space with very similar offerings. When you build a brand on a singular purpose and drive toward excellence continuously toward that goal—rather than branching out to try to be all things to all people—just put yourself in the running to never leave the public conscious. While trends come and go in waves, you can persist. Eventually the wave will return to lift you once more. Jordache is only one of the latest vintage brands making major waves by tapping into nostalgia with cool contemporary campaigns. But their brand has stayed true to their core identity—and it is that authenticity that helps win over a new generation of fashionable consumers hungry for reality. People may think that vintage fashion itself is a trend. However people have always sought style cues from the past. Beauty and fashion are everchanging, as we seek an antidote to whatever phase is presently waning. But what doesn’t fade are those icons that become classic. Jordache has managed to join such elite company, as people are not clamoring to obtain rare single garments. Rather they are buying new looks, new styles, new product categories by the brand. Such as its new fragrances. No one is interested in hand-me-down jeans. This resurgence is about a brand whose place in fashion has only gotten stronger with time. The logo itself stands for wild freedom, making a jaw-dropping statement as a way of life. While it’s true that nostalgia marketing has become an effective tool, tapping into consumer emotions to trigger a positive memories—yet Jordache is winning over a younger generation who has no access to what the brand means to their parents. Jordache offers understated cool and creates a level of comfort between the audience and the brand, engaging them on their level—and being absolutely authentic about it.