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Luxury’s V-shaped recovery of 2021 powers ahead in 2022 along various and unprecedented fronts, culminating as a whole in success for well-positioned brands, retailers, wholesalers and emerging media. The revived luxury market, forecast for sustained 6-8% growth annually through 2025, has been driven by the dual engines of U.S. online purchasing and the economic momentum […]

Millennials and Generation Z are widely projected to account for more than 40% of all luxury good sales by 2025. Yet that sizeable piece of the pie may be largely subject to shifts in the economy. Whereas the ultra-high-net-worth individual (UHNWI) has the means to spend at will on luxury even in a down market—making them coveted above all other demographics

New Luxury: 10 Tips Brands Should Consider when Marketing to Consumers As the luxury market continues to evolve, brands need to adapt their marketing strategies to stay relevant and capture the attention of discerning consumers. Here are ten essential tips for luxury brands to consider in their marketing efforts going forward: 1. Embrace storytelling: Craft […]

The omni-channel strategy of incorporating brick-and-mortar and online shopping proves ever more essential—through the closure of more than 18,000 traditional luxury stores last year in the U.S. and the U.K., to say nothing of the present temporary closings of stores globally due to coronavirus.

LEARWATER, FL — Mar. 27, 2023 – Apyx Medical Corporation (NASDAQ:APYX), the manufacturer of the proprietary helium plasma and radiofrequency technology marketed and sold as Renuvion®, today announced that it has won an award from the American Advertising Federation for the Best Integrated Advertising Campaign on its #ThisIsMe campaign. Developed in partnership with luxury branding […]

The first step is to understand that in the so-called luxury market, there are three possible strategies, which we categorize as luxury, fashion and premium. The difference between these three strategies is big. It does not change much in the eyes of most basic consumers, at least in the short-term. But when one has to manage […]

Never before have the leading houses of the beauty industry faced so much competition from so many independent newcomers. The incumbents have the natural advantage of global reach, name recognition, and financial war chests. They’re therefore better able to purchase valuable media, develop technology, and place products in key locations in leading stores. Yet the […]

The Resurgence of Jordache Goes Beyond Nostalgia You have surely noticed the resurgence of attention to brands whose peak most people thought was decades past. Everything from old-school Nintendo games to Kodak cameras is gaining interest as the best of the 80s and 90s becomes new again. One may easily write this off as nostalgia, […]