LOMBARDO Named Top Web Design Firm

LOMBARDO is proud to be recognized for the 5th consecutive year as one of the Top Web Development Firms in South Florida. Thank you South Florida Business Journal for the acknowledgment.

5 Steps to Dominating Local Search

If you do business mostly in your town, your marketing efforts must be hyper focused. You’re only targeting a very select group of people so, when those people go out there looking for a business in their community, you want to show up, right? But, not just show up – dominate – be seen as the obvious choice in the sea of wanna-be competitors!

The world of buying continues to evolve and that is certainly as true for local purchases as it is for global purchases. Would be buyers turn to search engines on laptops and mobile devices before they look anywhere else. They not only expect to find businesses that can meet their needs, they also expect to find educational content, reviews and other signals that help them make quick decisions about what to buy and who to buy it from.

How Google’s mobile-friendly update affects you (and what you can do about it)

If your website, or your clients’ websites are non-responsive, then you only had until April 21st 2015 to make them mobile-friendly. On Tuesday 21st, if your sites wasn’t mobile-friendly you can kiss goodbye to Google search engine rankings, and say hello to clients banging on the door demanding to know why their sites just dropped down to page 23.Think we’re exaggerating? Sadly not. Although nothing is certain when it comes to second-guessing what Google will do next, it’s fair to say that the search giant has dropped some hefty hints about its next update.You thought the Penguin and Panda updates were bad? This time Google is warning us in advance, providing tools to get us ready, and advertising the update; Google thinks this is going to cause a major shakeup.

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We are ready for Valentines Day! Are you? Stop by the new Bee Goddess Jewelry Store on Worth… https://t.co/Bzb8TDOONy
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