The 8 Principles of Luxury Brand Marketing

Luxury brands have always been a fascinating sector and luxury brand marketing one of the most complicated disciplines.

Here are the 8 P’s of luxury brand marketing, this article attempts to bring together the elements and interplay between the principles that are employed in the luxury brand marketing mix.

However, one needs to acknowledge that the degree of significance of these elements may vary from brand-to-brand and market-to-market.

1. Performance
Performance refers to the delivery of superior experience of a luxury brand at two levels – first, at a product level and, second, at an experiential level.

Marketing Luxury Products To The High-End Consumer

The first step is to understand that in the so-called luxury market, there are three possible strategies, which which we categorize as luxury, fashion and premium. The difference between these three strategies is big. It does not change much in the eyes of most basic consumers, at least in the short-term. But when one has to manage a brand, the difference is pivotal. In fact, if you decide to implement a fashion or a premium strategy, the classical marketing styles works pretty well. But if you decide to implement a luxury strategy, you need to reconsider all the aspects of your marketing management.

Lombardo Agency Rebrands Luxury Furniture Company, Castelle

During the upcoming Casual Preview Market, Castelle will launch its corporate-wide rebranding to include all marketing literature, advertising and showroom signage. The rebranding efforts will coincide with the introduction of an unprecedented number of new collections to the Castelle handcrafted luxury furnishings brand.

During the Casual Preview Market in Chicago, July 12 – 14, the Castelle showroom will unveil the new logotype in signage as well as within marketing literature. New advertising creative incorporating the Castelle logotype, brand statement and product photography also will debut in July 2016 trade publications.

Luxury Brand 2016 Online Marketing Trends

Lombardo has put together our top picks of luxury digital marketing trends that will carry us through 2016. Another year has passed and we have already been noticing the world of digital marketing making more and more changes and it is only half way through January.

So here we go…

  1. Storytelling – It is no surprise that luxury brands are not just about their quality craftsmanship and coveting products but owe a lot of their success to their heritage stories. Creating videos, GIFs or rich media to tell your unique story will help you drive sales.

Want to know about the very rich. They are different from you and me.

A good deal of ink has been spilled quoting and interpreting this well known remark of F. Scott Fitzgerald. During the era of vast inherited wealth that Fitzgerald chronicled, those words may well have defined a divided nation and its attitudes. Today, while the wealth of the nation is still sharply divided, the bulk of it is earned rather than handed on. That’s significant. Today Fitzgerald’s world of coddled layabouts has been replaced by a world of hardworking entrepreneurs, and the way in which they approach wealth and its uses is different as well.

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