The True Influence of Influencers

It is true that anyone with an Instagram account can see that brands are utilizing influencers and influencer marketing, but which brands are capitalizing on it? Influencer marketing by categories and brands dominating the trend as well as the growth of the influencer industry overall since 2014.

Fashion and apparel is the most popular category and commands the highest percentage of “influencer voice”—at 36 percent of all influencers, led by watch company Daniel Wellington. Food and beverage (25 percent, Chobani) and beauty (23 percent, Pantene) follow in second and third, respectively. However, smaller players, like fitness or travel and hospitality, still have a chance to up their Instagram game.

Due to the comparatively lower levels of influencer-generated content in the travel and hospitality industry, travel and hospitality brands working with influencers will have a relatively easier opportunity to own that share of voice and emerge as clear category leaders,

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