Food Marketing Trends

Specialty food marketing is an ever-changing landscape that blooms new trends every year. This has been a year of self-improvement and healthy eating.

These are the hottest trends in the specialty food market that we have seen so far this year.

Functional Foods

Consumers with buying power are leading increasingly busy lives. Functional foods are more of an everyday reality instead of an emergency microwave meal. However, a small bag of potato chips or a chocolate chip granola bar will not satisfy hunger or offer the required nutrients. High quality, high nutrition, and low maintenance are required when it comes to functional foods. Many meal service brands have been capitalizing on this trend within specialty food marketing. At home meal prep services that deliver high-quality ingredients to your door are the latest in functional foods.

Plant Based

Plant-based foods are going beyond vegan and vegetarian to attract consumers. Since the latest food trend is high nutrition, low volume, and ease of access, new products are being offered that have plant-based options which are more appealing. A lot of your typical foods have been replaced with plant-based alternatives like almond milk, zucchini pasta, and the impossible burger. Plant-based is becoming the new normal for the consumer’s favorite meals.


The CBD craze is not stopping at supplements or vaporizers. As one of the biggest specialty food marketing trends this year, CBD is being used in many different specialty food items. As the hemp plant derivative CBD (cannabidiol) ingredient becomes more widely accepted, food and beverages with the unique ingredient, are becoming popular all across the country. Many people are choosing CBD food and snacks to better cope with their anxiety, insomnia, and pain. Since CBD is legal in most of the United States, many specialty food companies are including the ingredient into their brand’s foods. CBD can be used in virtually anything, so the options are limitless. From gummy worms to new cooking oils, coffees, and teas, the CBD craze is going to be here for a while.


Getting healthy and feeling great is a new trend, and it’s one that we are all excited about. As Instagram fitness influencers are becoming more popular, the health trend is hitting the masses like never before. Brands are moving their products along to new healthier options to keep their audience interested. Snack companies are leading the way with healthy alternatives to snacks that have often been thought of as highly caloric. Chip alternatives, popcorn alternatives, and even healthy ice cream are showing up in shopping carts all across the country.


Environmental sustainability is a common concern within the general zeitgeist. Therefore, brands are cashing in on the consumer who wants to make sure that their purchase can aid in benefiting the environment. Creating a brand’s packaging out of 100% recyclable or reusable material is a touchpoint that many food brands are focusing on. Some specialty beer brewing companies are taking the lead with biodegradable ring holders. Sustainability is another trend that is not fizzing away any time soon. This trend has a positive and substantial benefit on the environment, the consumer, and the brands that are enabling the trend in their products, so we are happy to see this one stick around.


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