Social Influencer Marketing Trends Here to Stay

Social Influencer Marketing Trends Here to Stay and as influencer marketing continues to grow with 84 percent of marketers reporting that they plan to use the tactic in the next 12 months. Many factors have contributed to its growth, but probably none more central than the estimated 75 million Americans who are using ad blockers. And as influencer marketing matures, it’s becoming clearer that some “trends” have evolved to foundational elements of successful influencer programs.

Here are 5 current trends we expect will become permanent components of best-in-class influencer marketing programs:

#1 Micro-influencers Are Having the Most Impact
Micro-influencers have followers only in the thousands or tens of thousands, but they command the attention of their highly-engaged audiences. Programs that feature micro-influencers often show better results than programs that use influencers with large followings.

Among the studies that supports this premise is one conducted by Markerly. Markerly found that as an influencer’s number of followers increased, their number of likes and comments from followers decreased. Their engagement data findings are as follows:

  • Instagram users with fewer than 1,000 followers generated likes 8% of the time
  • Users with 1,000-10,000 followers earned likes at a 4% rate
  • Users with 10,000-100,000 followers achieved a 2.4% like rate
  • Users with 1-10 million followers earned likes only 1.7% of the time

#2 Brands Are Making a Longer-Term Commitment
While marketers often speak of the importance of “authenticity” when it comes to developing genuine consumer relationships, brands rarely spend the necessary time to cultivate them. While it’s possible to have short-term success with one-off influencer campaigns, there is a much greater likelihood of success with long-term programs.

Brands are now committing to long-term programs that build relationships with their influencers. The results of those relationships include:

  • Influencers that are more likely to stay on-brand message
  • Cost savings by reducing time spent to recruit, onboard, and manage new influencers
  • Greater customer impact, as influencers have more time to build trust among their audiences

#3 Influencers Have Become Fundamental to Some Industries
For some industries, influencer marketing has become a fundamental tactic to reach their target consumers. For example, fashion and beauty brands invest heavily on influencers to shape the social conversation about their brands. Influencer marketing works exceptionally well for fashion and beauty brands because influencers are able to deploy image-based social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. They can share beautiful, but authentic images of brands in a way that a traditional magazine advertisement cannot. Influencers can make fashion and beauty relatable to everyday people.

#4 Influencer ROI is Improving
As marketing and advertising tactics mature, improvements and efficiency in ROI often follow. Influencer marketing is no exception. During the last decade, brands and agencies have learned how to maximize their campaigns and get better returns.

Today, it’s not uncommon for brands Fuse works with to achieve ROI similar to the 11x detailed by Inc. Though brands cannot depend on those results every time, program success can be assured by reducing costs at each stage of the process and by helping influencers maximize their engagement capabilities.

#5 Brands Are Embracing Influencers to Support Storytelling
Connecting with consumers through “storytelling” has become a point of emphasis by many best-in-class brands. Telling consumers about a brand’s history, mission, motivations, and people presents an authentic look inside the brand. And influencers are a perfect mechanism to appeal to the emotions of those customers.


Brand Packaging Recognizes Renee Pilla of LOMBARDO

Proud to be featured in Brand Packaging Magazine

Renee Pilla, Art Director, Lombardo in Palm Beach, FL

New Jersey-born Renee Pilla is a graphic designer with a modern, aesthetic style. Pilla moved to Palm Beach in 2014, and in 2015 she took a job working at LOMBARDO, working on several luxury consumer product branding design and packaging. Currently, Pilla works as a full-time designer, working with companies like Budweiser, Castelle, Fendi, Iceland Spring Water and the soon-to-be-released ILIV Nutrition. Renee has a unique design style and way of bringing fresh air into packaging rebranding projects. She has taken the lead on ILIV Nutrition’s full rebrand and has been recognized widely for her style.


LOMBARDO is a full service Advertising, Branding & Consulting firm headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL with offices in LA and NYC. LOMBARDO specializes in luxury consumer brand products primarily in the health and beauty, food and beverage and technology sectors.

We are Creatively Focused and Results Driven. Our executive team brings big agency skills, discipline and experience to one of the few remaining mid-size agencies in the US. At Lombardo, you’ll find hard workers and creative thinkers, no matter what department we are in. We know that the only way to satisfy a client is by always doing what’s right for the Brand and client ROI.

Here at LOMBARDO, we push the boundaries of creativity every day. Our mission is to build smart businesses—driven by innovation and design—that deliver powerful brands, services and experiences to a highly selective audience.

While every challenge is different, in most cases we are engaged to help our clients across these key areas.

LOMBARDO Named Top Web Design Firm

LOMBARDO is proud to be recognized for the 5th consecutive year as one of the Top Web Development Firms in South Florida. Thank you South Florida Business Journal for the acknowledgment.

2017 Luxury Brand Marketing Trends

1. Constantly Raise the Bar of Customer Experience 

Although this should have been ingrained in every marketer´s DNA for years, however, with all the data, tech, and buzzwords flying around, one of the biggest marketing challenges of 2017 will be to stay calm, focused, and to be obsessed with the only one that matters: Your customer!

How to identify her, to reach her, to engage her, to make her purchase, to have her stay loyal, to make her to recommend you, and to have her even re-purchase more of your products in the future? There is a certain risk that (marketing) managers – more than ever – get confused and fall into the trap of mixing up data-driven insights with a real customer-centric business philosophy. Whilst data will be an extremely crucial element of marketing in 2017 and beyond, it’s quite a challenge to filter out valuable information from the enormous volume of data available.

Therefore successful companies and brands don´t worship the data gods for the sake of it; instead they have a comprehensive and deeply rooted digital transformation strategy in place which is flanked by a crystal clear marketing action plan. Enhanced and lived by every employee of the organization and not only by a chief digital officer who very often is floating around the company in search for a home base.

With thousands of ad firms wanting your business, how can you choose? Experts explain how to set your goals, put it in an RFP, and snag the best creative team.

Long gone are the days of a handful of Madison Avenue firms controlling the advertising world. Shopping for an advertising agency is no longer done in smoke-consumed boardrooms and martini bars. With the advances of technology and the introduction of digital methods, the advertising world has changed drastically since the 1960s. Thousands of wildly different agencies exist—from 10-men experimental shops in Brooklyn to enormous traditional firms with a global reach, and everything in between. Terms like “experiential marketing” or “social media” that were relatively unknown a decade ago—much less five decades ago—are now crucial considerations. Of course, ideas are still the foundation of creative work, but other key factors play a role in forming a valuable relationship between a company and its advertising agency.

The 8 Principles of Luxury Brand Marketing

Luxury brands have always been a fascinating sector and luxury brand marketing one of the most complicated disciplines.

Here are the 8 P’s of luxury brand marketing, this article attempts to bring together the elements and interplay between the principles that are employed in the luxury brand marketing mix.

However, one needs to acknowledge that the degree of significance of these elements may vary from brand-to-brand and market-to-market.

1. Performance
Performance refers to the delivery of superior experience of a luxury brand at two levels – first, at a product level and, second, at an experiential level.

Food Packaging Nutritional Label Changes Coming

Nutrition Facts labels play a key role in helping people make informed choices about their food. Whether your food comes in a box or a can, a Nutrition Facts label provides a quick and easy way to get important information about the food inside.1

The good news is the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has recently announced it will be updating the labels to help ensure you’re getting even more information to help you make healthy food choices.

What Pokemon Go Could Mean for Brands

No doubt Pokemon Go has become an instant phenomenon. The revolutionary free-to-play augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic has completely taken over the app market on iPhone and Android platforms. Released less than a week ago, users are spending more time in the game than on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Marketing Luxury Products To The High-End Consumer

The first step is to understand that in the so-called luxury market, there are three possible strategies, which which we categorize as luxury, fashion and premium. The difference between these three strategies is big. It does not change much in the eyes of most basic consumers, at least in the short-term. But when one has to manage a brand, the difference is pivotal. In fact, if you decide to implement a fashion or a premium strategy, the classical marketing styles works pretty well. But if you decide to implement a luxury strategy, you need to reconsider all the aspects of your marketing management.

Lombardo Agency Rebrands Luxury Furniture Company, Castelle

During the upcoming Casual Preview Market, Castelle will launch its corporate-wide rebranding to include all marketing literature, advertising and showroom signage. The rebranding efforts will coincide with the introduction of an unprecedented number of new collections to the Castelle handcrafted luxury furnishings brand.

During the Casual Preview Market in Chicago, July 12 – 14, the Castelle showroom will unveil the new logotype in signage as well as within marketing literature. New advertising creative incorporating the Castelle logotype, brand statement and product photography also will debut in July 2016 trade publications.

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