Launching a Beauty CBD Brand

CBD (cannabidiol) products are a booming industry, at the moment, and there are no signs of stopping.
Regulations are evolving every day as new benefits emerge from the research done on cannabidiol. Increasing consumer awareness and demand for CBD products can be good and bad news for those entering into the market of CBD beauty products. Therefore, launching a beauty CBD brand is one of the best innovative moves one can make in this market.

Learn as Much as Possible

Starting a new business is an arduous process, no matter the industry. Also, trying to become a breakthrough brand is even more difficult in an oversaturated market. You need to understand what CBD is and where it comes from. As your marketed ingredient in your product, knowing the history, the chemical makeup, and the source of the CBD is going to be vital for the evolution of your product. There are many different resources online where you can find important information about CBD and its benefits.

Find Your Niche

Once you have done all of your CBD research and you have found that the benefits are on brand with what you want to create, it’s time to solve for the problem. Beauty industry breakthrough brands solve for a challenge. Since CBD has many different visible benefits, you need to choose which you want to market. Is your product anti-aging? Moisturizer? Rejuvenator? There is a bevy of different angles you can utilize to market your product.

Start Branding

Now that you know what your product is going to do for your market, you need to start branding appropriately. It is time to choose a name, wisely, and design your logo. Outsourcing your logo design is always wise unless you have design experience; even then it is smart to have an objective opinion. Therefore, you should focus on your brand name. You will want to choose an original brand name as this is something you cannot go back on. Also, you are not the only one currently launching a beauty CBD brand. If you have the resources, then doing some focus group testing is always a solid choice when choosing a brand name. Lastly, once all your ducks are in a row as far as name and logo are concerned, you will want to debut a website. This website does not need to have an e-commerce function at the time of debut; however, it would be a good idea for your brand to expand into an e-commerce capability.

Find Your Supplier

Whether you’re interested in distributing and reselling CBD products or launching a beauty CBD brand, you will need to identify a high-quality supplier. Since you are dealing with a new and trendy ingredient that also comes from the marijuana plant, this is another aspect of your product that you will need to do your due diligence on. Your CBD products must be sourced from hemp if you are not in a legal-marijuana state. A lot of reputable wholesalers currently source their CBD from Europe where farmers have had many years to perfect their craft of growing hemp. There are, however, many American-derived CBD farmers that are becoming increasingly prevalent within the industry. To know that someone is a reputable CBD supplier, you can request two things. 1) Current Good Manufacturing Practice. The cGMP indicates that the business operates using the processes and procedures that conform to state and FDA guidelines. Given the proliferation of CBD companies, this certification should be a baseline requirement for determining a shortlist of potential partners. 2) Certification and a Certificate of Analysis. The COA is a report that confirms the plant species and levels of CBD and THC and provides a details analysis of other components, like heavy metals, pesticides, and terpenes, in every batch (percentages, purity, etc.) More importantly, this report can verify that your sources hemp extract doesn’t exceed the 0.3 percent THC legal threshold.

Contract Vendors

Now that you have everything set up, the next move for launching a beauty CBD brand will need to make so that your brand is successful is to find vendors. Your vendors are going to contract your product to be sold in their stores. Many beauty product distributors are looking for CBD products, and you might be the brand they are looking for. One place where you will be able to find showcase your new CBD beauty product is at the largest tradeshow in North America – Cosmoprof. This is the largest beauty tradeshow and the place to put all of your hard work to the test.


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