Instagram is Still Influential as Ever

Instagram is Still Influential as Ever

And here are five tips to use it better. The platform announced that it now reaches half a billion users with over 300 million of them using it daily and Instagram is still influential as ever.

It’s clear that no matter how hooked we are on other mediums like Snapchat, Instagram isn’t going anywhere. While there’s been a notable surge in video streaming devotees of late, it hasn’t ‘replaced’ Instagram as such – it’s just part of a broader strategy to reach your audience.

Instagram has evolved past being a place to share pre-party selfies and envious food snaps. Behind the perfectly filtered photos, thriving businesses are using the social media tool to increase their reach and nail their business goals. Here, these social-savvy Instagrammers debunk some strategy myths about how to stand out in the creative online crowd, one image at a time.

Quality over Quantity

As the rules of creating clickable content, the bottom line is: it’s got to be good to be double tapped.  The rule of thumb is: if you wouldn’t frame it, use the photo in an ad, then don’t include it in your Instagram feed. For us, each one needs to be something you’d hang on your wall, a piece of art.

Show Work Live

Gone are the bright days of preserving smooth perfection: in everything from contouring to coding, online audiences are fascinated by the honest how-to’s, the cheeky hacks and the things that really happen when making a product. In short, audiences want the real ‘how’ behind everything you do, and they want it in real time.

Behind the scenes, photos always get a great response; these work well for both small and large companies. Sharing a glimpse into your business doesn’t just stop there though – Asking questions and opinions of my followers is also a great way to get feedback, drive consumer engagement, and build brand loyalty.

Keep Your Audience Close

One of the keys to Instagram success is being casual and personable in your approach, she explains. People don’t engage with businesses; they engage with the people and brand personality behind them. And that means getting personal. Since social media is all about creating relationships, we find that the sort of posts that get the most engagement is when a brand shows off the people behind the business and when they use a more personal tone in their captions.

Partner with Influencers

To anyone who fans over an online influencer, it comes as no surprise that influencers are more effective than celebrities when it comes to online brand endorsement. Social media has made so many of them from fashion and beauty bloggers to fast-paced entrepreneurs. When you have an influencer tag you or your company, and over 500k+ people are watching is strong the any transitional placed media buy. This is an instant push for your brand when there are 500k+ followers/fans are watching. These are stronger than, say, having a celebrity wear your clothes on a red carpet. While most brands have begun their social media campaigns on Facebook, they’ve found they have much more reach on Instagram. Consider again that personal aspect: influencers seem that much more attainable than the average celebrity. It’s about that personal yet aspirational touch.

Engage with Your Followers

Posting high-quality images is a great start but aren’t enough to maintain the dedicated following you’ve managed to secure. You must go a little further than that by reaching out to people in your wider community and commenting on their work. It boils down to engagement. You have to engage with other brands if you want them to engage with yours. It shows others that your brand is human and alive — comment rather than like things.

Keep it Consistent and Keep it Fresh

While there’s nothing wrong with pushing a few creative boundaries, there’s something to be said for the known, especially when it comes to an Instagram account that has one consistent brand story. Although this type of consistent Instagramming can be time-consuming. But if you want your social media to bring your business, it must be consistent and fresh all the time.




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