High Touch Customer Experience

Although this should have been ingrained in every marketer´s DNA for years, however, with all the data, tech, and buzzwords flying around, one of the biggest marketing challenges of 2019 will be to stay calm, focused, and to be obsessed with the only one that matters: the high touch customer experience! You must always raise the bar of customer experience.


Data & The Customer

The key here is a series of questions: how to identify her, to reach her, to engage her, to make her purchase, to have her stay loyal, to make her recommend you, and to have her even re-purchase more of your products in the future? There is a particular risk that (marketing) managers – more than ever – get confused and fall into the trap of mixing up data-driven insights with real customer-centric business philosophy. While data will be an extremely crucial element of marketing in 2019 and beyond, it’s quite a challenge to filter out valuable information from the enormous volume of data available.


Therefore, successful companies and brands don´t worship the data gods for the sake of it; instead, they have a comprehensive and deeply rooted digital transformation strategy in place which is flanked by a crystal-clear marketing action plan. Enhanced and lived by every employee of the organization and not only by a chief digital officer who very often is floating around the company in search of a home base.


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