Lombardo Agency Rebrands Luxury Furniture Company, Castelle

During the upcoming Casual Preview Market, Castelle will launch its corporate-wide rebranding to include all marketing literature, advertising and showroom signage. The rebranding efforts will coincide with the introduction of an unprecedented number of new collections to the Castelle handcrafted luxury furnishings brand.

During the Casual Preview Market in Chicago, July 12 – 14, the Castelle showroom will unveil the new logotype in signage as well as within marketing literature. New advertising creative incorporating the Castelle logotype, brand statement and product photography also will debut in July 2016 trade publications.

Rebrand | WriterGirl Case Study

From the client prospective:

If you ever saw the TV show “What Not to Wear,” then you know that a new look can completely change a person’s self-perception, which in turn changes the way others view them. The same is true of brands.

WriterGirl needed a new look.

Parting with our old look felt like Clinton and Stacy had ripped my comfy, well-worn Uggs right off my feet. It was painful (and a little embarrassing), but it had to be done.

WriterGirl has been around since 2000, and although we’ve had many variations on a theme, we haven’t veered far from our original look (unless you count the big color change of 2010).

Looking to rebrand your business?

Some may consider rebranding as a complete change of what the brand stands for and looks like. This is not true – a good rebrand is not a U-turn or change of faith! It is the realisation that their brand has grown and changed far beyond its original goals and values. A good rebrand allows a refocus on core values and strengthening of those aspects that truly reflect your product or service – reconnecting it to its users or consumers, current or potential new ones.

When undertaking a rebranding project it is essential to consider the following:

What – are you trying to achieve?
Why – do you need to rebrand?
Who – do you want to target and what will they be looking for?
How – do you want to achieve this? – How are your closest competitors achieving their market share?

Lombardo & Partners is known for being one the most recognized rebranding advertising and marketing agency agencies.

There are many reasons for rebranding.

How much could your company benefit from a timely rebranding exercise? The business rebrand is about a great deal more than making your business look good. It’s about making your bottom line look good, too.

The important factors to consider when assessing the value of a rebrand include equity measurement; market differentiation and accessibility; brand awareness, relevance and vitality; and consumer personality, preference, usage, associations, and emotional connectivity. If your company can improve its relationship to its customer base in any or all of these key areas, you may want to think seriously about rebranding.

1. Gain competitive advantage

Your brand is the public face of your business. A well-executed rebrand can allow your company to reflect current market dynamics and gain competitive advantage, accelerate pipeline performance and become a leading voice in your industry. Sidestep the competition and increase your market share through an updated image. By revisiting your brand messaging, you can counter a loss in consumer confidence and/or decreased profitability.

Top Mistakes Marketers Make When Rebranding

Most marketers evolve their brands over time to keep them relevant. Some do it well, while others become the target of cynical bloggers. To gear your next rebrand for success, sidestep these all-too-common mistakes:

Clinging to history.
Rebranding well means staying relevant. Assumptions made when the brand was established may no longer hold true. Analyze changes in target markets when exploring opportunities for brand expansion, repositioning and revitalization.

Thinking the brand is the logo, stationery or corporate colors.
Brands encompass everything from customer perception and experience to quality, look and feel, customer care, retail and web environments, the tone and voice of communications, and more.

Complimentary Brand Evaluation


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