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Renee Pilla, Art Director, Lombardo in Palm Beach, FL

New Jersey-born Renee Pilla is a graphic designer with a modern, aesthetic style. Pilla moved to Palm Beach in 2014, and in 2015 she took a job working at LOMBARDO, working on several luxury consumer product branding design and packaging. Currently, Pilla works as a full-time designer, working with companies like Budweiser, Castelle, Fendi, Iceland Spring Water and the soon-to-be-released ILIV Nutrition. Renee has a unique design style and way of bringing fresh air into packaging rebranding projects. She has taken the lead on ILIV Nutrition’s full rebrand and has been recognized widely for her style.


LOMBARDO is a full service Advertising, Branding & Consulting firm headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL with offices in LA and NYC. LOMBARDO specializes in luxury consumer brand products primarily in the health and beauty, food and beverage and technology sectors.

We are Creatively Focused and Results Driven. Our executive team brings big agency skills, discipline and experience to one of the few remaining mid-size agencies in the US. At Lombardo, you’ll find hard workers and creative thinkers, no matter what department we are in. We know that the only way to satisfy a client is by always doing what’s right for the Brand and client ROI.

Here at LOMBARDO, we push the boundaries of creativity every day. Our mission is to build smart businesses—driven by innovation and design—that deliver powerful brands, services and experiences to a highly selective audience.

While every challenge is different, in most cases we are engaged to help our clients across these key areas.

Beauty Product Launch in 10 Successful Steps

Successfully launching a new beauty product is a complicated process. Whether it’s your first launch or your 20th, your team must follow the right steps in the right sequence. Product managers, designers, formulators, marketers, and customer service teams, must all work together to ensure success. Over the years, we have refined the process into the following 10-steps.

1. Make sure you have a market looking for a product and not a product desperately seeking a market.

All too often, companies (of all sizes) launch a new and exciting product into a market that isn’t well defined. Taking shortcuts on the preliminary market research that helps you identify and understand your target market will cost you. If not planned well and implemented correctly, you could face months or years of missteps, sunk costs, and lost competitive advantage.

Racy Ads Banned while Reality Trash Soars

It’s confusing to me why the new Tom Ford ad featuring Cara Delevingne is being banned in cities across the UK for being too “racy” while reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian can pose nude balancing a champagne bottle on her her most famous asset is acceptable and “breaking the internet”.

The campaign image, which shows the model reclining naked in a bath, was criticized as being “inappropriate” and “degrading to women”, resulting in the ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority. Complaints were received after a huge billboard featuring the ad appeared on Brick Lane in East London. Critics originally demanded that the images be banned entirely, but the ASA disagreed,

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We are ready for Valentines Day! Are you? Stop by the new Bee Goddess Jewelry Store on Worth…
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